Re-engineering Health

Providing easy access to the most efficient Healthcare possible

We believe there is a way for our Healthcare system to offer a better experience to everyone

That is why we are redesigning what it means to operate a medical clinic from the ground up: merging technology with professional design to create an atmosphere and an experience unrivaled across Canada. 

Benefits for Dr-B Patients

Being sick is hard. Dealing with the system shouldn’t be. We strive to create a seamless experience to help you get better; not to test your patience.

No more waiting for hours!

Wait at home and let our app tell you when to go to the clinic.​

A better experience

Our facilities are designed with professional aesthetics, noise cancelling fabrics and more to make your visit a pleasant one.

No registration needed​

Registration is automated; simply show up and see the doctor.​

We listen to you​

How things went is important for us: after each visit, we will ask you how things went and how we can make your next visit better.

Benefits for Dr-B Practitioners

We believe you are the main user of the healthcare system: patients will visit, you live in it. Our main goal is to create an environment you will love.

Greater efficiency

Minimize time and energy spent away from patients with tasks like notetaking, billing and scheduling.

Better work environment

We know you spend your life in the clinic, so we offer professionally designed and modern work areas.

Minimal no-shows

Our app manages patient flow and will make sure your schedule stays optimized and full.

More flexibility

You may now decide when you want to work and how many patients you want to see.

Stay tuned: our first clinic opens on July 1st 2020!

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